Hold Up - Ready for the heist of the century?

Bouteille de gin Hold Up dans de la fumée

The press clipping describes the hold-up on Saturday evening. It is thought to have been committed by a single individual, wearing a sticker over his face. He was armed with a revolver (possibly plastic) and revealed a scar on his forearm. The authorities are investigating several possible routes of escape, including a possible run on foot or on a motorbike.

Some witnesses heard gunshots... but no bullets or shell casings were found at the scene.

The mystery remains... 🕵️

The town where Emile Gaboriau, the inventor of the detective story, is buried. A strange coincidence! 

Hold Up... A singular gin, with an atmosphere of crime, night and the forbidden, offering a fantasy of tranquillity and a cultural escape from the monotony of everyday life. The gin bottle features a fictitious newspaper clipping about a burglary, with contradictory details about the robber and his escape.

An artisanal French gin with a confidential recipe based on 43% grain alcohol... Hold Up gin offers a palette of elegant aromas. From the very first nose, this gin releases scents of lemon, pomelo, juniper berries, dill, coriander and tonka beans, creating a sensation of freshness. 

This impression continues on the palate, where the fruity and floral notes are enhanced by a silky texture that stretches out the aromas for a long, complex finish.

L’auteur du livre Hold Up, résidant à deux coups de fusil de Brie-Sous-Archiac, a confié la création du gin aux Brûleries Modernes, réputées pour leur expertise en distillation et dont les locaux sont situés sur la même commune.

The town where Emile Gaboriau, the inventor of the detective story, is buried. A strange coincidence! ....

Dive into the investigation of the century ... holdupgin.com

Photo main avec un gant tenant une bouteille de Hold up gin
Une photo de gin tonic avec un faisceau lumineux dessus, cocktail à base de gin Hold Up
Photo du gin Hold Up, une loupe zoom sur l'étiquette, une main s’apprête à prendre la bouteille de gin