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Vinet-Delpech distillery Vinet-Delpech has, for years, been recognized for its ability to create and develop tailor-made products.

But we are often asked the same question:
“Why do you only develop goods for your clients? You don’t have your own brand portfolio? Yet you have the production tools, an R&D department, a dynamic and competent team and also the appropriate infrastructure.”

So in 2019, Jean-Baptiste Delannoy, general manager, decided to take the plunge and launched Les Brûleries Modernes, a catalog of artisanal spirits intended for independent retail and on-premise accounts.

Hold Up

Affiche Hold up gin, prêts pour le casse du siècle ?

Hold Up gin, the first spirit we created in 2019, is a French artisanal gin distilled in a copper still within our own distillery.

With its elegant aromas of lemon and pomelo, it stands out thanks to the tonka bean. It’s an unusual gin!

Hold Up is the perfect alliance between the history of crime fiction and the art of tasting. A captivating gin, ideal neat, in cocktails, or with a tonic for a unique tasting.

Its equally unique story can be discovered on

Then, in 2020, came the Blended Malt Whisky Excellency Club.

It allowed us a first introduction to whisky within the portfolio while waiting for the arrival of our French single malt whiskies, that were quietly maturing in our cellars... to be continued!

Excellency Club is the fusion of Scottish and French know-how. We select a whisky from the south of the Highlands to bring it to our Charente lands. Blended Malt resulting from the blend of 2 single malts. It is first aged in Bourbon barrels in its native land. Once in our cellars it is finished for several months in barrels that previously contained Delpech-Fougerat Cognac.

We wanted, through our expertise as brandy producers and our cognac barrels, to bring a bit of our Charentais identity to it! 

It can be enjoyed as an aperitif on ice or served with ginger beer.

In 2021, we are embarking on a project that is particularly close to our hearts: creating a new brand of traditional local aperitif, which through a modern and refreshing packaging, as well as cocktail recipes easily made at home or behind a bar, would rejuvenate the image of this little-known product with a “dusty” reputation.

At the beginning of 2022, we are launching, not without pride, Brigitte et Louise – French Aperitif!

A blend of grape juice and Cognac eau-de-vie from the family vineyard. Brigitte and Louise red and white aperitifs can be enjoyed as long drinks, in cocktails or on ice.

Time has worked its magic, Palisson whiskies are ready!

In September 2022 at the France Quintessence tradeshow, we are presenting the first item of the range: Palisson “BATCH 01”. The next ones will come in 2023.

For Palisson whiskies, our cellar master has opted for the method of double distillation in a copper stills. Once distilled, the eau-de-vie is moved to the “Palisson cellar” (right next to the distillery) in order to begin its maturation.

The range is now made up of three whiskies with a different aging type for each: “BATCH 01” is a whisky aged in Cognac barrels. “BATCH 02” is aged in rum barrels. As for “BATCH 03”, it is aged in bourbon barrels.

The three whiskies are presented in a chic and refined pack.

We wanted to symbolize French elegance for these French whiskies and move away from the traditional codes of the category. Palisson whiskies are perfect as a pre-diner drink, dry or on ice, topped with ginger beer or as a digestive.

2024 is off to a colorful start: the IRIE rum collection enters the catalog with a bang!

We are presenting it at Vinexpo Paris in February 2024 for the first time.

IRIE, which is pronounced “I-Ree” is a Creole expression full of optimism, emblematic of the Caribbean.

The collection consists of IRIE Dominican Republic and IRIE Trinidad & Tobago rums. IRIE rums are 100% single origin rums and have a low-sugar content. Each of them offers a new aromatic palette.

There are as many colors and aromas as there are ways to appreciate IRIE rums!

In addition to all these recent brands, we have included two historic brands of Vinet-Delpech distillery in the catalog: Delpech-Fougreat Cognacs: VS, VSOP and XO.

All three are distilled on lees in a Charentais still from grapes from our vineyard which extends over a hundred hectares on the terroirs of Petite Champagne and Fins Bois.

We also offer a premium brandy: Hector Legrand. Aged in oak barrels for 15 long years in our cellars.

After a marathon of several years to build this new catalog of brands, structured and coherent, it is now time to build distribution in France and abroad in more depth!

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