Lancement de la gamme Brigitte et Louise

Focus carré des pineaux des charentes Brigitte et Louise Blanc et rouge sur fond vert, étiquette Brigitte et Louise pineau des charentes appelation pineau des charentes controlée, french apéritif, produit en france
Affiche L'apéritif au féminin du pineau des charentes Brigitte et Louise blanc
Affiche L'apéritif au féminin du pineau des charentes Brigitte et Louise par Les brûleries Modernes

Les Bruleries Modernes profitent de leur première participation au salon Vinexpo-Wine Paris sur l’espace Be Spirits, pour lancer Brigitte et Louise avec une volonté de dépoussiérer la catégorie du Pineau des Charentes.

Brigitte et Louise is a tribute to the women in the Delannoy family. Throughout history, women have played a very important role in winegrowing (particularly during the 2 World Wars, when they replaced men who had left for the front) and particularly in the region, in the production of Pineau des Charentes. Pineau des Charentes is a natural French product with a feminine, fruity profile, and is now mainly drunk by women. The Delannoy family wanted to pay tribute to them, and in particular to their ancestors, Brigitte S. and Louise C., who worked on making pineau in the 1920s.

Pineau des Charentes is a liqueur wine made from a blend of grape must and cognac. The grape juice and brandy come from the family farm, which is located in the heart of the production region and has been awarded High Environmental Value certification. Two types of pineau are produced, a white and a red.

Brigitte and Louise pineaux are characterised by their finesse and elegance on the palate. With a minimal sugar content, they are perfect for sharing simple, relaxed moments such as a drink with girlfriends, an afterwork party or an evening out at the restaurant. It's a light aperitif that can be drunk chilled, over ice, in a pool or as a cocktail.

Brigitte and Louise Pineaux des Charentes are available in France at a recommended retail price of €23 inc VAT, and in the USA at a recommended retail price of €30-35.

Come and visit us to taste Brigitte and Louise on our stand 3N157.

Spritz à la française : 6cl crémant, 4cl brigitte et louise, 2cl eau gazeuse aromatisée au citron, 1 tranche d'agrumes et une ribambelle de glaçons ! Recette de cocktail à base de pineau des charentes. Pep's : 6cl Brigitte et louise, 3cl ginger beer, 1 tranche de citron vert et une ribambelle de glaçons !